Monday, July 7, 2008

Ganja Queen: Bali, Bali bad for tourism?

This weekend I watched the "Ganja Queen" documentary about Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian woman busted for trying to bring marijuana into Bali (allegedly). In the event you have yet to see the documentary, I won't give anything away, but if convicted she could face the death penalty.

Do documentaries and films depicting people being punished for drug trafficking in particular countries affect whether you would ever visit that country?

My answer is yes. Yes, they do. And Alleve is the strongest drug I even get near.

-- Clear Plastic Bag

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Damian said...

I just watched this documentary also. I lived in Thailand for 2 years, so I'm not stranger to Asia. Bali will NEVER get a single dollar of mine, and I'll bad mouth Bali until the day I'm dead.

I actually started this show thinking, yea the pretty girls always get off, and in the end came to despise the archaic country and the people of Bali chanting for the death penalty.